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Plutchik's Dice by Muna Zuberi


  I’d like to ask for your help on a project that I am working on. I am developing some work from the piece above. It’s called Plutchik’s Dice – about the categorisation of emotions. Plutchik was a psychologist who […]

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Help with profile settings

After years of floating round the edges of a-n I have finally decided to get a bit more involved and have a go at blogging on here. My first job was to update my profile however, I’m having a few […]

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Blog Post

in the gym yesterday and saw an advert

I was in the gym yesterday and an advert came on advertising wix to build your own website. this is the platform that I am currently using to build my website. It is pretty simple to use and I recommend […]

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Blog Student


I am testing that I can actually begin to use this blog as other students are currently stating they are having problems.

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Looking for studio space

I a have recently completed my fine art degree and currently looking for some space to work. Baring in mind I have no money to rent anywhere and have little space at home. I live West Yorkshire, UK. If anyone […]

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