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Insurance needed for group show?

Hi, Can anyone advise??? I’m part of a group of 17 artists that is aiming to put on a group show.  The venue requires proof of Public Liability Insurance..will my individual cover via my A N membership be sufficient to […]

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Exhibition Insurance

Hello, we’re opening an exhibition soon, where there will be no invigilation. Would anyone be able to recommend / offer experiences for getting insurance for equipment within an exhibition? Thank you in advance!

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Insurance for workshops

Hi, I am wanting to start a weekly art class and have permission from the Scout group that I volunteer for to use the building for it at a fee of £10 a month, but I would need my own […]

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Damage to work submitted

I recently submitted to an Open Exhibition. When I came to pick the work back up I found I found one of the frames of the pieces had a section damaged so that it was no longer presentable. Like most […]

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About Insurance


Working with specialist brokers Hencilla Canworth, a-n has developed a range of insurances including professional indemnity and public liability for Artist and Arts organiser members based in UK.

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Insurance For Workshops Abroad?

Hello, At the moment I do workshops in the UK. I am currently looking to do the same workshops abroad in the USA, Canada and mainland Europe. Can anyone give me advice as to anywhere I can cover myself with […]

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Artist Insurance, Fine Art

Im a bit confused about the type of insurance I need which covers me at work. Im a painter/graphic artist who works in an open studio where we have been told by the studio manager that the Public and Products […]

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