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Exhibition contract checklist

A best practice reference guide to use when creating an agreement for a solo or group exhibition with a gallery or organisation presenting visual arts. You can also use the a-n Contracts Toolkit to build a contract to the specific exhibition context, and this checklist will support you with this.

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Blog Post

Thinking about now

I can feel I’m starting to free up, thinking about now and not the end result, enjoying experimenting for its own sake. Painting on paper for the first time in a long time, trying to keep things fresh and not […]

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Resource Guide

Negotiating a better rate of pay

Getting paid a fair fee is not suggestive of a revolution. So why does it sometimes incur resistance, both from those who pay and from ourselves? This guide by Rod McIntosh introduces ideas towards getting paid what you want and indeed deserve.

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Redcliffe caves
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Quo Vadis: Critical contexts

Dominic Thomas on the importance of a critical context for artists’ practice. One of a specially commissioned set of articles resulting from Quo Vadis available now on

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