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Street 2 scale, Plymouth & Street Art

Once again I’ve been successful in getting a S2S pack to make moves putting an idea into action here in Plymouth! Here’s the Idea.. Amongst me and my fellow creative’s we have been chattering about ways that we can explode […]

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Exhibition contract checklist

A best practice reference guide to use when creating an agreement for a solo or group exhibition with a gallery or organisation presenting visual arts. You can also use the a-n Contracts Toolkit to build a contract to the specific exhibition context, and this checklist will support you with this.

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Thinking about now

I can feel I’m starting to free up, thinking about now and not the end result, enjoying experimenting for its own sake. Painting on paper for the first time in a long time, trying to keep things fresh and not […]

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Resource Guide

Negotiating a better rate of pay

Getting paid a fair fee is not suggestive of a revolution. So why does it sometimes incur resistance, both from those who pay and from ourselves? This guide by Rod McIntosh introduces ideas towards getting paid what you want and indeed deserve.

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Redcliffe caves
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Quo Vadis: Critical contexts

Dominic Thomas on the importance of a critical context for artists’ practice. One of a specially commissioned set of articles resulting from Quo Vadis available now on

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