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Neurophototherapy R&D funding

I’m somewhat overawed to be supported by Arts Council England for my new R&D project, Neurophototherapy! This time I haven’t rushed onto social media immediately to announce my good news. It’s taken a few days to process what I want […]

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The building blocks of learning.

  I love an epiphany! God, being autistic is sometimes an absolute blast. I get to peel back layers of a life time’s accumulation of faulty learning and go, wow! so that’s how it really works… Recent adventures have got […]

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Neurodivergence and tokenism in the arts!

Video still of a performance with Arts Council England funding forms  2017-2018. Autistic author and poet, Joanne Limberg, has described this blog post, first published on WordPress, as essential reading. So I’m sharing it here too. In many ways it […]

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Neurodivergence – language and social justice.

Photo credit Joel Chester Fildes Do you know how to use the terms neurodiverse and neurodivergent?  What’s in a word? What are four letters between friends, you might well ask. I myself am no fan of getting hot under the […]

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