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Uninspired Workings

Uninspired workings I’m back to collecting rubbish. Strangely the streets are relatively rubbish free at the moment so I will have to give it time. The reason I am back to collecting local debris is because of what I am […]

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The Creative Cycle

This piece of writing is my own theory about how creative ideas come in a cyclical flow. I am going to write about my understanding of the creative cycle, how I define it and how I think it works. This […]

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Invoking the Spirit of Goon

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here This is probably going to be a bit pick n mix today. A few things have been going on, and a few things to feed back from too… I’ve put some work up in the […]

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28 days x 7hrs 24 minutes

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I often make the comment that I have now rendered myself completely unemployable. It is only partly in jest. I now cannot believe how much of my working life I have spent marching to the […]

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