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Railways Stations Installation

We installed the Dwell Time boards at five stations along the Penistone Line today. These are art works which featured in the Dwell Time publication by Hannah Honeywill, Emilia Wilson, Richard Shields, Sue Gardiner and Dianne Murphy. If you’re commuting […]

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Let’s Imagine A Branch Line Railway with John Betjeman

First shown: 29 Mar 1963 “Forget motorcars. Get rid of anxiety. Adhere to the rhythm of the Somerset and Dorset Joint railway. Dream again that ambitious victorian dream which caused this long railway still to be running through deepest quietest […]

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An investigation into edgelands, non-places and spaces traversed on the way to somewhere else. How can film be used to create collages about such places and how can the limitations of the camera influence what is captured?

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