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Serpentine Pavilion and the Festival of Love

On a beautifully sunny day in August I headed to London to see the Serpentine Pavilion and Summer House and the Festival of Love. After watching the world go by in Hyde Park while eating my lunch I head to […]

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A Q&A with… Alex Katz, painter

At 88, the American painter Alex Katz is as prolific as ever, producing large-scale works and exhibiting widely. With a new show just opened at the Serpentine Gallery, Fisun Güner talks to the Brooklyn-born, Manhattan-based artist about finding his way in the 1950s, getting noticed in the 1990s, and hitting his stride in his later years.

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Marina Abramović:512 Hours

I so admire the work of Marina Abramović and had done my best to avoid reading about her endurance piece over 64 days at the Serpentine before I went so that I could experience it with fresh eyes. I was […]

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