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Fissure Series

The Fissure series has been my continuation of visually representing our Multiversal reality, firstly through the slowing down of time that allows photons to be digitally captured in a way that shows layering. Then that image is repeated, reflected & […]

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An Introduction

What has led to your taking on the identity of a socially-engaged interdisciplinary visual artist? It’s quite a loaded identity to have, isn’t it? I’ll do my best to break that down a bit! I’m your typical idealist; a dreamy […]

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The end is nigh!

Eva Hesse Documentary at the ICA The screening of Eva Hesse at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London was an in depth journey of understanding the life and work of the artist. She truly dedicated her short life to her […]

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FILMBAR gästar Blå Båten

Looking forward to attending film event at FILMBAR gästar Blå Båten in Malmo > I’ll let you know what went on. watch this space

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Cause and Effect

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here People have said to me “I don’t know how you get time to blog when you are so busy!” Other bloggers have said to me that when they are busy they have no time […]

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A Sensory Perspective?

For as long as I can remember I have observed and interacted with the world from a super sensory perspective. Once, after observing my behaviour and aesthetic for three years, my art school tutor told me I was sensual and […]

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