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AUDIOBLOG – Please click here Absence of chair. Nowhere to sit. Nowhere to lay your hat. If I work with the chairs, eventually, then there also has to be a non-chair. Even if only I know it isn’t there. A […]

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Bitter Lake

This film has shocked me to the core, i knew politicians did not tell us the full story but this film exposes the trueth behind many a headline. It is a must watch for anyone interested in politics, society or […]

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Theatre of War II

  Today my blog post is a simple visual response to last week’s epic struggle to find words. These two canvases are linen (my preferred surface) and are old in that they carry years worth of layers under the current […]

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The art of conflict (part 1)

Paul Glinkowski talks to Angela Weight, Keeper of Art at the Imperial War Museum, and to some of the artists she has commissioned to make art in response to war situations.

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