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Cardiff was the location of the final a-n Assembly event of 2018. This day-long event, hosted at The Sustainable Studio and developed in collaboration with Cardiff based artist Thomas Goddard, explored resilience and sustainable arts practice. Through workshops, seminars and a panel discussion, Assembly Cardiff examined and evaluated the core principles of how to survive (or not) as a creative practitioner in contemporary Britain.

Cardiff is frequently cited as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. A thriving opera and theatre scene dominates the cultural landscape and despite the success of major international art prize Artes Mundi, or galleries such as Chapter and g39, the visual arts sector is seeking revitalisation and fresh opportunities for the many artists and arts professionals in and around the city. But how can a city and its artists be reactive in a pursuit to survive and grow this cultural landscape?

Assembly Cardiff brought together artists and cultural figures from Wales and beyond and offered opportunities to connect and showcase work, culminating  at g39 with a specially curated series of events.

Read Trevor H Smith’s report Assembly Cardiff: For artists to survive we must “build alliances and advocate for each other”.

Assembly Cardiff videos on a-n’s YouTube channel

Low Profile’s Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones discuss how living in Plymouth has shaped their attitudes as artists and cemented their commitment to making things happen in their city.

Rat Trap members Gweni Llwyd, Elin Meredydd, Carlota Nóbrega and Thomas Rees introduce their work and consider the notion of success.

Founder of The Sustainable Studio Sarah Valentin explains how a large warehouse space became a catalyst for working collaboratively and building creative relationships.

Panel discussion. Nia Metcalfe (curator and founder of Spit and Sawdust), Bob Gelsthorpe (artist and writer) and Thomas Goddard (artist) offered their perspectives on the creative ecology of the city.