Assembly Stoke-on-Trent focused on activism in the arts and the artist as activist, activator and change maker. Taking place across several venues around the city, this day-long event discussed and made more visible the work that artists do within this context, whilst also exploring the sometimes hidden labour associated with the making of things and with making things happen. Assembly Stoke-on-Trent created space to talk about how we balance our lives with the work that we do.

Led by Anna Francis and Rebecca Davies from The Portland Inn Project, a series of provocations, discussions, hands on actions and social activity raised questions and created space to explore answers together around a set of themes which included some of the most urgent issues of our time for artists and humans.

Assembly Stoke-on-Trent videos on a-n’s YouTube channel

Assembly Stoke-on-Trent brings together views from a number of contributors and participants including artists Lydia Catterall, Jessica Longmore and Glen Stoker.

Anna Francis introduces her work in Stoke-on-Trent, which includes The Portland Inn Project, a creative arts project that aims to achieve community cohesion and economic, social and cultural development

Artist Rebecca Davies discusses The Portland Inn Project and its relationship to activism, people and politics.

Claire Reynolds introduces Restoke, an arts organisation that creates performances with Stoke residents that reflect their lived experiences.

Leeds-based artist Lydia Catterall introduces her socially-engaged practice.

AirSpace Gallery co-director Glen Stoker introduces the organisation and its aims