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Before we say more about our project and partners in it, we’ll introduce ourselves and give some examples of previous related work.  Susan Adams and I are both posting about the project – sometimes shared material, sometimes different. Take a look at her post for  her work…

Sometimes directly imaginative and improvisatory, at other times, more rooted in place and people, my  work interrogates relationships between interconnecting or clashing systems, such as nature, politics, industry, tourism, agriculture, art and the human psyche. The Black Mountains, Wales, where I live and work is typically seen as an area of natural beauty, yet it is peppered with the scars and artefacts of human activity from ancient times through the industrial revolution to the present. My practice includes walking the landscape, alone and with others, watching out for and responding to remnants of such activity. and their continuing environmental & psychological impacts. The following works will all feed into making new work for A Private Land.

Connectives (2020) For description, details and more on this project, see

Until 2020 I worked part-time as an art psychotherapist and art psychotherapy/systemic psychotherapy frameworks, values and inclusive practices continue to inform my artistic stance. A recent e.g. of looking to inner/private lands is Casenotes: interweaving narratives of physical and mental health: drawing on archives, shared stories and personal experiences.

Casenotes  (2020-22) (

Other theoretical underpinnings include art historical interrogations of landscape, archives, poetry/myth/ritual. I welcome the disturbance, challenge and enrichment of multiple perspectives from artists, performers, curators, communities and audiences.

Materials from the Garden: