Add To My LibraryVol.II created by an innovative systematic methodology, Bibliographic Data Flow selected by international contributors from the artworld produces an infinite idiosyncratic institution.Within the globalised digitisation,e-learning and anti-education, ATML is designed to redraw the cultural institution provoking changes in the function of the material book,while in the process,deinstitutionalising it.© christinamitrentse11 until



Peter Suchin’s review…


The video ‘BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW’ is an innovative systematic methodology has been used for the production of ADD TO MY LIBRARY VOL.II project which is exhibited in Art Work Space 29th August -25th September London 2011. Favorite books titles/ authors, selected by invited international contributors from the art world, i.e. artists, writers, curators, museologists, each adding to the construction of an infinite library. Novels,art books , limited publications and cutting-edge journalism, become a paradoxical statement about the lingering power of the book in the Internet age. ‘Add To My Library Vol. II ‘is dialectally related to the book practices of John Latham and writer Walter Benjamin, among other diverse references like Fahrenheit 451.In a globalised environment dominated by the digitazation e-learning and hypertext, Mitrentse’s project alludes to a Meta-Library designed to provoke changes in the function of the material book and in association with the campaing to save the Libraries in UK, while de-institutionalising it in the process.The paradox of Mitrentse’s project is that it is both a sign of dissipation, of the loss of knowledge and the means for its transmission, and a conscious recouping or preservation of the culture of the book. At a moment when established institutions of learning are, in England anyway, in crisis, with universities simultaneously charging highly increased student fees whilst purporting to democratise access to education, Mitrentse focuses not so much on this ostensible cultural expansion as upon notions of the alternative, the marginal and the secret school or anti-institution. ©ChristinaMitrentse 2011

The video ‘BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW’ is an innovative systematic methodology has been used for the production of ADD TO MY LIBRARY VOL.II project which is exhibited in Art Work Space 29Aug-26Sept


‘ENCYCLOPEDIA’ -The Man who Became a Book-A Spoken Word Performance decontextualises the BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW of ADD TO MY LIBRARY VOL.II performed By Douglas Park written and commissioned by Christina Mitrentse. ART WORK SPACE- THE HEMPEL ,7th September 2011.

© copyright Christina Mitrentse 2011

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PUBLICATION -Add To My Library Vol.II

Designed by Aeon Rose

This publication for the project was produced in a limited edition of 200 copies and distributed to Art Libraries and the host of international arts, cultural and academic figures who contributed their selected titles.

It includes an A2 sized text-work of the archived ‘Bibliographic Data Flow’ of books selected by the contributors and a full review /analysis by Art Critic Peter Suchin and arts writer Michael Hampton along with images of the works.

This collectable lithographic artwork has been meticulously designed and curated by Aeon Rose, Arts Communications Consultant and Project Manager at Hive.

Special thanks to Aeon Rose who has been instrumental in the communications management of Add To My Library Vol.II throughout the project.

To download the digital version of the publication please click here