Alexis Investigates: Dance and Visual Arts. Article One: A Visit to Siobhan Davies Dance Company.

11 October 2010: I visited Siobhan and dancers: Annie Lok, Charlie Morrisey, Lindsey Butcher and Andrea Buckley at the beginning of week seven in their ten week rehearsal period. As I arrived on that Monday morning and was lead up to the Roof Studio by Siobhan I was immediately struck by the sense of calm that I found inside. The four dancers had brought with them various combinations of costume to suggest to EV Crowe (the Playwright) later that afternoon and the shopping trip to get them had been, by all accounts, something like a family outing. The atmosphere was one of focused hard work and delight in working together.

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Titled ‘Alexis Investigates: Dance and Visual Arts’ this series of articles will offer ‘ways in’ for dancers to the complex conversation that is happening between dance and visual art. I am Information and Communication Officer at Dance UK and also an artist who trained in both art and dance and works accross both fields as a maker and manager.

Dance is spending more and more time in the territory of the Visual Arts and what is more this started as far back as the 1970’s (some might argue long before that). I am writing this series of articles as a ‘way in’ to this particular area of artistic activity because I believe that dance is a highly influential media and that the knowledge base of its practitioners can bring insight to many other realms. Visual Art can often be conceptual and a bit hard to understand but don’t let that put you off! Dance is evolving in many different ways and it is key to the growth of dance that we, the dance community, realise more widely the potential in cross-disciplinary relationships.

The first in the series will be about my recent visit to Siobhan Davies Studios to see rehearsals for ROTOR and I am just off to have a meeting with Stephanie Rosenthal, Cuator at The Hayward Gallery, to talk about ‘MOVE:Choreographing You’.

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