This is the plan I am going to take,

  • I am going to do more drawings of the animals from the museums
  • I am going to figure out where the animals are going to go on my painting
  • once I know the plan for the animals I will add them to my painting
  • I can then start to draw out my A2 drawing as i know the positions of the animals
  • I will keep painting and drawing until they are finished
  • I also need to put all my research together as at the moment it is all over the place.

once I have done all these things my degree show will be done and university course will be finished. I hope that I’ve done enough to get a good grade. So far I am proud of what I have done and i hope to be proud of the final outcome of my work.


There is a quote that I found by Henry David Thoreau;

The world is but a canvas to our imagination

even though this quote is about life, it inspires my work, my art is the world in this sense. I don’t have to think about doing something someone else wants me to do, my imagination and ideas are what create my work and without my imagination I wouldn’t be able to progress and create the work I’m doing right now. I original was looking for a quote art related for a tattoo I wanted, as art is apart of me, when I came across that quote I didn’t realise it would then inspire my art work, I liked it because of the way it made me feel on a personal level.


I have been working on more drawings for my painting, I am still not sure where all the animals are going to go but i have a few ideas on where to put some. The parrot and the peacock I’ve drawn will go in the trees and the penguin I am drawing right now will be in the snow. I have still got a few things to think about such as

  • Will I put the animals in sceanry that they aren’t from.
  • Will I add multiples of the same animal
  •  the positions of each animal

I need to figure out these things before I can add them to the painting as I don’t want to draw say the parrot and then I change my mind and want it in a different place or I want more next to it but I have already added another animal in that place. Because I have to think about these things I haven’t gotten any further with my painting yet, but I want to have these things figured out soon so I can get back to painting and to be able to start my A2 drawing.


I thought I would make a post about the materials I use within my work and why.

DRAWINGS: I use coloured pencils on A4 paper. The coloured pencils I use are by Faber Castell as they blend well together and I can get a wide range of colours with them, they are quite expensive but I feel that is worth the price as they are very good pencils and I can create good drawings from them. The paper is normal paper from a sketch book, I use sketching paper because of how the coloured pencils appear on the paper. With my final drawing I plan to use a good quality A2 cartridge paper as with the content I want to add I feel that A4 would be too small, you wouldn’t be able to see all the elements which I don’t want to happen

PAINTINGS: I use canvas and acrylic paint when I create my paintings. The canvas I use is raw canvas, that means it hasn’t been primed and the paint soaks into it more. You have to use a bit more paint when painting but I like the way it looks once the painting is done, I feel that it gives it a more natural look and as I am working with nature it’s what I want. I use acrylic paint because of the type of canvas I use, but also because I prefer working with it. I’m not much of a fan of watercolour, I do like what watercolour paint can create but I can’t get my head around it and create something as beautiful as some people. I have never used oil paint before and I don’t know how to use it so I thought it would be best not to try in case it didn’t work out the way I would want it to. I mainly use Reeves acrylic paint as it is cheaper but it still gives the same outcome as the more expensive paints.