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San Serriffe is an art bookshop and gallery situated in a narrow cobbled street in the red light district in the old town of Amsterdam.

It’s a shop unit and the interior fit is minimal giving it an industrial feel contrasting with the sex shops, window parlours and coffee shops of this popular district.

Ott is staffing the shop today. He has his studio here which is aloft a DIY, particle board mezzanine floor built in a nook alongside the shop space. Beneath the mezzanine floor, a storage cupboard with concertina screen constructed from peg board to populate with tools.

Diagonally poised, particle board shelving islands on little castor wheels occupy the canary yellow shop floor.

Flat boards lean against walls where music on vinyl and cassettes perch on little grey rails.

A small trestle table with stools invites visitors to sit and browse. A mini-kitchen with basic bar and a tower of simple stackable stools illustrates that this is also an event space.

Overall, this is a bright, contemporary, well-designed modular space that suggests multi-use as a bookshop, gallery, event space and workspace that opens to visitors 3 days a week, Thursday – Saturday.