Rednile Projects, Factory Commissions, Crabtree & Co Proposal

Project Name: The Queen’s visit

Medium: Live event


I intend to facilitate the visit of a Queen look alike to take part in the launch of the Crabtree & Co Factory book at the Lyndon House Hotel. The Queens upcoming Diamond Jubilee and her past visit to the factory in 1962 inspired my idea. The Queens appearance will mark 50 years since her first visit and I intend to signify this with a plaque that her majesty will unveil. I feel an impressive event will attract lots of publicity raising the profile locally and nationally of Crabtree & Co achievements in design and manufacturing. In times of austerity it is said that royal events lift the spirits of the people.


I have specifically chosen the Lyndon House Hotel as the Crabtree Society are planning a book launch at the venue. To make this project happen I plan to organise and facilitate the visit, working closely with the Crabtree Society. I intend to follow royal protocol, and research further into the management of the event at the factory in 1962. A plaque commemorating both visits will be located on site. The design will incorporate a Crabtree & Co switch that illuminates the piece, which the Queen will switch on.

Public Engagement

The event will be locally promoted through radio, TV, and press with an open invitation for the public to attend. As a way of documenting my research for this project I have published a blog on a-n website and I would like to develop social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote the event. During the visit there will be a number of opportunities for the public to see the Queen look alike and participate in the event such as the grand entrance, book launch, unveiling the plaque, finally leaving the hotel. To encourage participation in the royal visit we will provide flags for people to use.

Factory Outlet Multiple

This project is primarily based around the live event. Although I do feel a commemorative item such as a limited edition print with a photograph from the day would make a suitable multiple.

Your reasons for doing this

For the past two years I have been hosting small events in semi public spaces. However, I want the event focus to be on the Crabtree & Co legacy, and to develop my experience in performance making on a large scale. I have shown my work at micro live art events although at this stage in my career I want to work towards a public event with the support of the society and Rednile Projects. My work can challenge the rules of performance, however in this piece I intend to follow royal protocol to give the event authenticity with a sense of humour. My performances are one off events although I would like to develop my practice to produce items of memorabilia. This commission will give me the opportunity to produce a multiple and a commemorative plaque creating a legacy for the work.

Artist Work

Showreel, YouTube link: http://youtu.be/f4U9hQL2sCQ


After the event

For the past week I have been developing my proposal and I visited London to see the Jeremy Deller and David Shrigley show at the Hayward gallery. I do love the Hayward it is my favourite place to see art. I was particularly interested in Jeremy Dellers work being shown in a gallery as his work is all about the research and the live event. How do you present the ephemera after the actual event? This is a question I struggle with myself and on seeing the exhibition I could see how in a gallery context this doesn’t always work. I did like how he showed a vast back catalogue from earlier projects to more recent pieces such as the parade in Manchester, International Arts Festival, 2011. I thought it was quite telling how the Hayward were showing two artists for the price of one, value for money or a need to fill the gallery space? In part I did feel the curation of the Jeremy Deller show a bit scattered. However a project that was well researched, a live event using a variety of media is always going to be a challenge to re-show or feel complete. The Southbank Centre website documents Jeremy Dellers work really well and is a great example of how the internet can make a better frame to show off work rather than the art gallery (http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/jeremy-deller). This has got me thinking about what is left from the Queens visit at the Lyndon House Hotel. As the budget is really tight I have to prioritise what is most important for this work, which I feel is the live event. It is the experience from the event that resonates with people. I do not intend to re-show this work although a one off piece of memorabilia would be a fitting way to commemorate the event. The Queen look alike website has images of written testimonials on letter headed paper my favourite being the thank you letter from Greggs.