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A whole month without blogging. The building stays the same but new lecturers will be teaching. New head of year fine art Vicky I have met before in college same as Simon Keep who will be taking us for professional practice. What this will do for my work is yet to be seen but Vicky has helped my art before so I feel confident that I will find tutorials with her informative and constructive.

My art is still in experiement phase but I think that will happen always because I have many ideas on how I can best achieve my aim. I have looked into using the bouncy balls as a mark-making tool and this seems to be very bold and make interesting patterns. I do feel that if I wanted to create an interactive/ participatory piece, that less people would get involved for fear of getting messy. counter to this,  I want to get as many people involved so I can achieve my aims.


  • To create a participation piece that involves as many people as possible.
  • make as many participants laugh or smile as possible.
  • have that smile pass on through positive interactions to people who may have not even attended the art.
  • explore the line between art and life.

So far I am playing with balls but in the future, I am thinking of more conceptual ways.