Bred Pudding Collective
April 2019

Supermarine saw Bred Pudding Collective founding member, artist Russ Ralph, making a Airfix model of a Supermarine Spitfire. The piece is contextualised, explored, documented and distributed by Ralph’s collaborator and co-founder of BPC, Paul Conneally.

BPC assert this is a performance art piece undertaken in private and documented. It explores the notion of what performance art, in fact performance itself, is and might be.

After constructing the Airfix plastic model of the Spitfire Ralph continues by making first a Messerschmitt bf 109 and then another Supermarine Spitfire, a much bigger but this time cardboard model.

Ralph and Conneally make several videos and audio pieces documenting Supermarine as it progresses.

Although the construction elements of ‘Supermarine’ are complete it continues as a podcast type audio series and will be a strand of BPC’s work going forward.

Bred Pudding Collective

April 22nd 2019


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