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Reflecting on the times I am having now, it is clear to see that what I do need to do is organise and manage my days better, much better.

Asking for help is hard. Having a mental illness and asking for help is even harder. What truly helps is having company and not being alone. Yet with so many friends I see very little of them. I need new friends!!!

My newest updated V-Log link was a little more happier in tone. The folk I need to credit is number one my Mum, and Allie for the gift of volunteering for the Brownies and Guides (and the most needed hug!).

Still struggling to contact the IDT, implemented delivery team, i.e.. the mental health treatment centre. It is sad that as desperate as I am they are so inefficient and even after my Mum has called them still no nearer. At least the PIP consultation was cancelled and yet I have just received today the new appointment came through and it does feel really sad, but I hope that I will have someone decent to accompany me to it from the IDT.

During this time with my Mother, I have realised how valued and loved I am, she came, she took me out, spent time with me, we all had fun, she helped me out with living things and bought me some lovely red roses and items from the Dress Circle Shop up the road from me. We had a nice cup of tea at mine, just me and my Mum.

Time is precious and I haven’t realised recently as to how much I love her and rely upon her, and of course how much I Love her.

Loving ones’ Mums is vital. Having a childhood without harm is very rare and I am sad to say my childhood was far from ideal. It was sad. It seems just like my relationship with my Dad became better, so it seems is my relationship with my Mum.

Being a good role model is something I must urge myself to focus upon and devise clearly the way in which I can achieve these qualities. One of the things I plan to do is to create a ‘cool reading space’ I saw a lovely image of a gorgeous cushion and fabric ‘tent’ space for sitting and relaxing in.