Fine Art


Not fun getting this back on the bus! PPD handed in on time, and now just the clearing of studio space.

Finally managed to upload an image. Just clearing of studio space.

Will continue with the series with a smaller canvas I bought a while ago. Need to start exploring making my own stretchers soon, much cheaper.

PPD handed in, only diss. 1500 now.


weekend in sun after mad rush to finish piece. Will upload photo later. Pleased with it overall, but feel there is still alot of wokr to go in working out compoisition. I think the original needs to be more cropped and abstracted, to get it further away from the original source of the photograph.

Have to begin work on a ppd unit now, due in tomorrow. I am thinking about submitting a purely video piece, allt he document needed filmed through a camera then transferred into video tape, sumbitted in a padded envelope. I think there is something really filmic and dramatic about this, almost like it is blackmail.


Began adding the figures and objects to the backgorund, which I just about managed to complete last week.

I need to remember to apply the things in the foreground so they blend in with the background, so they don’t look to imposing or harsh against the subtler background. It’s more the objects themselves that I want to sit uneasily within the painting, but I dont want the way the paint is applied to imply this.

As I was sorting out the composition, i noticed the clock is hung on the wall behind Jean’s head. Funny, that.

I think I pot plant will need some more work to look as over grown and out-of-place as it does in the original photo.

The hats are just blocks of colour which I need to work into tomorrow. Also the left, textured wall could look richer, i rec.

Another hot one.

Still having problem getting pictures up. Will try and upload but might have to start taking them wiht digital camera rather than phone.