Fine Art: Learning Outcomes


The degree show has been and gone and we are packing up and evacuating the studio.

Trois Elementos are in full swing at the moment, making new work, well mulling it over anyway and organising a show, coming soon to Dover.

This is it, out of art school mentality and into the real world. We are all incredably excited but relaxed about the whole thing at the same time-it is important not to get caught up in the stress-we watched people suffer and fall at the last hurdle during the degree show set up and are adamant that the same thing will not happen to us. OMG adam ant!


Today is the final showdown. We are going to print our blog and include it in a documentaion book. We have painted our room and are excited about installing our work.

The key to success is changing your mind, right?


Three out of six tasks on the to do list were ticked off today.

Re-making old work in order to document was surprisingly useful. Amid the madness of the happenings in the library we seemed to tie up our loose ends and settle upon the way in which we will represent the past two years of collborative adventures in the show.

We were out of college from 12:50 until around fifteen hundred hours. It was great. It gave us time to clear our heads and laugh hysterically until the point of tears.

We have left the prison and are now in the asylum!


To do list:

1.Pick up 'Couldn't Think of Anything' engraving.

2.Document 'Couldn't Think of Anything'.

3.Re-make 'Loan History'.

4.Make a research file for Trois Elementos and one for each of us to include in our supporting studies.

5.Avoid wood and plinths.

6.Have fun!


Today we were likened to a sandwich, not a shit sandwich, but rather a jam sandwich.

Two slices of bread and a jam filling. Each of us is a vital ingrediant in a jam sandwich sucess. Without one we are merely two slices of bread or jam spread on bread.

We were likened to the jam sandwich in conversation about our 'loan history' work. The loan history, although a visually complete work, is a little dry. A little, or a lot if you look at it in comparison to the style of works with which we make.

A tutor who knows us; who understands and gets us, described it as though we had gone 'all conceptual'-that it was a little dry. We have fun, we take the piss. We, Trois Elementos, are missing from the piece.

Contemplating us being in the work-precariously balancing the towering stacks of books-segreating the books into indivual loan histories making a structural jam sandwich.

Times where tensions are fraught is when Trois Elementos shine. Having fun, taking the piss out of looming deadlines and the serious situations which lie ahead.

Looking back over the previous two years of collaboration it is clear that we often create shite, time wasting-keeping sane while those around us crumble and admit defeat-sucumbing to the madness of the asylum. We later create great last minute nike, 'just do it' works. Fingers crossed that this happens this time. If not, what is the worst that could happen? The audience sees the shit before the masterpiece-the masterpiece to evolve at a later date, a show outside of the degree show umberella maybe?