I paint cloudscape paintings in either oils or pastels, then write creatively in my online journal for a while (https://www.lynneforrester.com/journal). The writing invokes the name of the painting.

So you see the process of painting and writing are intertwined for me and that’s what you can read and read in this blog.


Sunny Confetti (Oil on Canvas, 1m x 1m)

It’s been a day of the grumps. Everyone has been dour and black-moody, unwilling (and sometimes unable) to shake that sinking claggy feeling. The greys have slowly deepened and gathered to crowd out any light that may have been able to encourage them to lift their heads and hearts.

Time edges on and the tide turns in the bay below. There is that midge-filled stillness as the sea decides to change for the last time that day. Deep blue rumbling waves start to be reflected in lofty patches above and that dark gathering ceiling begins to break, everyone realising that they have other things to do than sit above the same piece of land and sea for eons. Bleak light gathers increasing brightness as spaces appear and rays of waiting warmth slowly welcome back their loved ones. Sunny confetti dapples the skies.


Layer upon layer of dense plumage ruffle and re-ruffle as they shuffle and shake. True beauty can be found amongst those lacy tendrils. Sometimes one only allows their inner light to shine purely when they’re peeking through protective veils.

Inner Light (cloudscape painting, oil on canvas, 1mx1m)

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Fleets of hurrying ruffles bustle and hustle up amongst those bleary-eyed greys. Temperatures rise with the increasing wind speed as the sun glows to fire up the crowds. The journey-focus gives way to heated passion as those plumes spread their wings across the skies like pink peacock tails attracting admiring glances.

Plumes of Passion (cloudscape painting, oil on canvas, 12″x12″)

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Stories buffet and wend their way through communities, countries and skies. Different yet the same in that all stories are told at some point, and those telling similar-veined tales usually find like-minded atmospheric tones to congregate with. The heavier, more venomous and sometimes regarded as the juicier stories wallow and dive into the increasingly tragic tellings of the other. The optimistic and spiritually light stories are harder to find but look up and you’ll see their versions of reality floating, waiting patiently to be heard. More translucent and sometimes seemingly invisible, it’s often the respectful space they give each other to exist that defines them the most.

Stories (cloudscape painting, oil on canvas, 12″x12″)

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Pale raspberry doughnut jam is everywhere! Simultaneously they bit into the bit where the hole was on the other side. Rookie mistake on all parts, although potentially just a misjudged mistake for the fully grown mistake-ees. The sugar was already working its way into every crevice and now a substantial portion of pink stickiness is liberally working it’s way across. Tongues reach to catch the tasty widespread jam and sugar combination and distinct remnants of the frosty sweetness continue their journey.

Frosty Sweetness (cloudscape painting, oil on canvas, 12″x12″)

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