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CONNECTIVITY IV Clay, Words and Fragility

Artist response to the online art workshops. The fragility of words and connection, emotions and creativity. How I see the online relationship with participants through technology often stops at the middle of an important message. During workshops, the space created over the internet connection offers a state of trust but also freedom. Usually, participants wait for the theme to start their creative thinking to come up with ideas for the artwork. The general theme is embedded in the inspirational videos followed by a short explanation of the technique and then additional conversation on artists who work in the same way.

There is a fragile state in a relationship where every word shall be carefully chosen. Encouragement, positiveness, friendly attitude, conversation about participants’ art ideas.

My perception shifted from instruction-based hours towards acceptance of what is taken from my words as little as only the color scheme sometimes. My natural search for metaphorical materials falls on unfired clay. There is a fragility even in a well-designed and executed piece, the atmospheric conditions can ruin the piece, the same feeling I have during the workshop. Every time is uncertain what will be at the end of the hour.

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