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A reflection on Create to Move Residency at The Steeple in Fife October 2018. Blog by Dancer and Choreographer Emma Snellgrove

Blog by Emma Snellgrove

Newburgh Fife was a perfect setting for our fourth residency as Create to Move collective. We are a slightly unusual trio of sorts yet the draw to collaborate together remains a strong pull. We’re made up of Emma Macleod (visual artist), Fiona Hermse (visual artist, jeweller & community artist) and me, Emma Snellgrove (choreographer & dancer)

Personally, Newburgh was a much needed blast of fresh air, we all had such a busy summer and we were keen to get out of Edinburgh for some much needed perspective.

The Steeple provided us with room to play, reflect, bond and research in a non-pressured environment. Daily walks were needed to invigorate our minds when felt trapped or stuffy. Having accessible walks from our doorstep provided some much sought-after research of the outdoors. Since this is a main theme in our collaboration we took full advantage.

As a dancer and choreographer I am often taking ideas from the outside world and bringing them into the studio and spend often gruelling hours finding ways to bring the outdoors to life indoors, thankfully as a collective we are keen to make and create outdoors, which is why I love working with Emma and Fiona, as we have a very unique style and method to how we approach the tasks that we set each day. And by doing so we have found very accessible, engaging and surprisingly funny interactions and ideas that bring a human playfulness to the outdoors.



I found myself wanting to reflect outdoors rather than writing a tedious amount of notes, I often spend hours writing before I approach an idea physically. This time I just wanted to be outside as much as possible. Newburgh Fife is a stunning location, there was never a dull moment of exploration, from the hills, to the forests, and beach.

We realised how precious and beautiful it was just to walk together in silence and let nature flood our senses. We became childlike, adventuring off the path, like little red riding hood, we let ourselves get lost and fell deeper and deeper into our creative maze of nature.

Relate –

I kept asking myself how will people relate to my journey, how can I physicalise my experience? How can I empower someone to feel utterly compelled or at least curious to go outdoors and embody their journey?


I realised with the help and suggestion of Emma and Fiona, that having other dancers, or at least keen participants who wanted to engage with our research would be very helpful for me in a later stage, especially from a choreographic and interactive perspective. Although Emma and Fiona are keen to dance and come up with very sensorial tasks.

I need to see how we can make our work inclusive and create activities involving others that will enable us to highlight how much value it creates in society when people work together creatively; they enable each other.

Sustainability of the arts is a massive concern to most artists and art is essentially the bloodline to an individual’s wellbeing.

Our topics are; AI and technology, the essence of human nature and the natural environment.I understand all these areas as being art.  Art is communication whether that be maths, music, dance or literature. They involve the individual, the individual offers insight, an idea, feeling, an experience that needs the other. I am excited to communicate and use our research to involve other people.