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My degree show will be feature in the dark space under complete darkness to show the fairy-lights and under UV making the dots and nails glow out of the darkness.

I chose to include Kurt (Hawk) to be the first thing anyone sees and hope that all of those little dots will light by either using pins and hammer or a stable gun to place this piece on the wall.

Also to have Day of the Dead on the left side of the wall facing and bouncing lights off Death with Wings which will be placed on the right and their lights almost hitting one another and reaching towards the center of the room.

Placed in the center will be a black box on top will be the Helicopter and I have chose not to have the Ellie (Elephant) within the show instead to have these two small pieces Pink Flower and Colour within a Flower which will be side by side. The box will be painted black as if these pieces are floating in the darkness with the UV placed on the ceiling just above the box.