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Selections and Ergonomics

Took a number of proof photographic and drawing prints to Hethel today, to try in the spaces they have available for showing the work from my residency. Had my artist friend Polly with me who always gives very good advice and reflection, which is very useful when selecting pieces. It is always a lot of work getting work ready for exhibition – sometimes it is methodical and list ticking as Polly says but at others its difficult and complicated as pieces are included and then excluded.

Still time for play through with their new piece of software Cloud9, 3D from http://www.anarkikangels.co.uk/Default.aspx used with a rather odd looking ‘Falcon’, which replaces the ordinary mouse. The Falcon is supposed to give a more intuitive feel. I only had a short play and think the ‘falcon’ wasn’t positioned very well on the desk as my arm was kind of hovering in space and started to ache after a while and it felt very odd to use. I also notice I wasn’t holding it correctly in my hand so that wouldn’t have helped either.

Here is good image of the set up being used from the website http://www.anarkikangels.co.uk/getinvolved.aspx and then look at my images it plain to see not enough space to get comfortable. I will try again with it when there is more time and space to explore.