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Reverse Engineering

I have written before about how I feel my investigations fall between being an original design work/object and reverse engineering (copying something that already exists). Reverse engineering was a new concept to me, but it’s a familiar term and practice within contemporary engineering with many types of 3D scanners on the market. Ben, an engineer who is interested in the cross over between art and engineering kindly offered to bring his scanner into Hethel so I could scan the objects I have made using the RP machines.

It was the process and the unpredictability of the images which was the exciting part, these scans can’t go to manufacture as there are too many holes or incomplete sections or as the yellow triangle warns me This Part contains errors! I have had a multitude of error messages but i am unconcerned as I don’t need these objects to go to manufacture. Rather, like the original video footage I have been working from these scans operate as potential objects.

Lots of preparations for the show, I’m thinking back to something I read on Emily Speed’s blog about how she still sometimes underestimates how long things will take – ditto. Installation starts tomorrow and I’ll post some images as a preview. Exhibition is open on the 11 & 12 September. See post # 29 for details.