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Testing working in a different environment at AHH Studio Collective

Another aspect of this period of professional development has been to test working differently in a studio environment alongside a community of other artists.

Having worked from my home studio for some time, the shift to working at AHH was surprisingly easy. It has been refreshing to connect with other artists, particularly after the isolation of the pandemic.

Alongside making larger scale work, being part of AHH has facilitated further different ways of working:

  • I have taken part in a printmaking workshop, with invitations to join others run by other artists, or run my own in future.
  • I have taken part in open studio events. At the next, I am contributing by showing a video projection that shares some of my work on the studio residency.
  • I am contributing to an AHH residency as part of a collaboration between Art Licks and AHH.
  • I am being mentored on my current work by Sally Taylor, a Director at AHH.

These opportunities have enabled the sharing of skills and knowledge, as well as my work more widely, collaboration and building networks, gaining feedback and new perspectives, developing work and project ideas, that in turn help build resilience.

As well has having the space and privacy to work, it has been inspiring to feel part of community that offers a supportive environment to enable artists explore and test different ways of working and sharing their work.