Artists Bob Aldous and Ingrid Plum are coordinating interactive art events to mark the second anniversary of the London Bombings.


07/07/07 – Last ELEVATION FROM TERROR workshop is tomorrow!


The last workshop co-inciding with the exhibition ELEVATION FROM TERROR is tomorrow at St Pancras Church. We will be making origami birds to commemorate the victims and survivors of 7/7.

7th July 2pm – 4pm at St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA

Anyone is welcome!

The exhibition continues until 13th July, see the website for maps and more information.


Elevation From Terror is underway!

Workshops began last weekend. Members of the public were asked to make origami cranes to be used in the installation at St Pancras Church. The response was fantastic, many birds were made and a group called Tolerance International came. It was a peaceful and creative time for all. We are looking forward to more workshops on the following dates:

23rd June 6pm -8pm at The Westminster Meeting Society of Friends, 52 St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4EA

30th June 10am -11.30am at St Pancras Church,Euston Road,London, NW1 2BA

7th July 2pm – 4pm at St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA

We hope to see you there!


Commemorate 7th July 2007 with the collective Art of Healing.

Two artists Bob Aldous and Ingrid Plum will be displaying work to commemorate the London Bombings. The works will be displayed in St Pauls Cathedral and St Pancras Church.

Silver Petition – Detail
St Pauls Cathedral 5th 6th 7th July
Bob Aldous

The exhibit Silver Petition will be displayed at St Pauls Cathedral on the Churchill gates on the 5th 6th and 7th of July. The work uses the metaphor of silver to reflect optimistic light. It is an interactive piece , you will be asked to draw threads of silver across a black velvet canvas with the words FEAR>ANGER>RAGE>REVENGE. The negativity is gradually transformed into a reflective web of compassion. The work is based on the idea of the flight from Mecca in which Mohammed was being pursued by assassins. He managed to escape and took refuge in a cave; a spider descended and wove a web over the entrance, an acacia tree grew and a dove laid a nest in the entrance. On coming to the cave the perusing assassins thought that the entrance was undisturbed so did not enter.
In Islam this is called Sakina or Tranquility. The web we construct weaves an evolving image of optimism, a petition for peace, that transcends the barriers of prejudice by showing our collective compassion..

Elevation From Terror Details
St Pancras Church 25th June- 13th July
Ingrid Plum and Bob Aldous
Elevation from terror is a collaborative artwork, coordinated by Ingrid Plum and Bob Aldous. The work involves the public, in making origami cranes that will fly over a map of London. This map is transformed during the exhibition by covering the aerial view of London with Silver Safety blankets, a reflective surface that alludes to a lake.

We will be running workshops to make origami birds. The birds will be based on the traditional origami crane that symbolizes peace. On the wings of the birds we can write messages for the victims and survivors of the bombings and they will then be set in flight across the interior of the church, circling eventually over an aerial map of London.

The inspiration for the work comes from mystical poem by Farid Attar- Conference of the birds. The birds gathered together to go on a migration to find the mythological king of the birds- the Simorgh. At the end of the pilgrimage only 30 birds survived. They looked for the mythological king of the birds but all they found was a vast lake that acted as a mirror. In it the birds saw reflections of themselves and reflections of each other.
Ingrid and Robert will be running workshops to make the Origami Peace Cranes at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, the Friends Meeting House in St Martins Lane and at St Pancras Church. Details of the dates and locations are on the website If you would like to be involved please contact Bob on [email protected] or come along to one of our workshops- You will help contribute to artworks that are memorable and healing.

Help Requested
We are looking for a support to help with the costs which will be between £3000-£5000. Your money will be going towards an art project that will create memorable artworks which engages with and rises above suffering. A holding fund for the project will be held with St Pancras Church- expenses will be drawn from this fund, any excess funding will be paid to the 7 July Assistance Charity. It would be good if you could become involved in this worthwhile project.


contact [email protected]