As a working artist but also the organiser of the Frome Open Studios in Somerset one of my aims is to try to reach those people in the potential buying public who don’t normally think to buy original art or direct from the artist.

Frome is a very artistic town and much of the local population has been converted to buying locally and buying unique work.  however, there is still a vast section of society who will go to department stores and buy mass produced prints.  I would so like to break down the barriers with these people and persuade them to visit Open Studios and artist run galleries where they can buy original and unique work for often the same price or very little more.

My own work is quite surreal and I meet many people who love my images and buy lots of cards (I have many regular buyers) but aren’t quite brave enough to put my images on their walls.  How can we tell these people that galleries need not be intimidating, they have a right to be there and a right to buy!  Plus if they approach the artists directly they can buy with 100% of the payment going to the artist or that they can commission work!

Any ideas or thoughts



There are so many places on the internet now where you can highlight your work it is blindingly confusing to know where best to choose.  There are the standard, FB, Twitter and Instagram, all of which I am on but then posts seem to zoom by at the speed of light, so who actually reads them except for your good friends.

I can hardly see gallery owners trawling through the millions of art based accounts on these platforms looking for the next new thing.  So how do you successfully market yourself.  I find direct emails, letters and even phone calls go unanswered.  Visits sometimes help but not often and yet thankfully I am always being told keep going your work is wonderful!  Thank goodness for nice friends.  What do others suggest?