Flaming Skirt Festival is on its way AGAIN making spectacular moments in unexpected places! This year the double-decker bus will whisk us away on the art adventure of a lifetime to even more community spaces, including heritage monuments – a pop-up community of extended families and individuals of all age.

We will be climbing aboard on Sunday 7th June for a day out in NW Leicestershire in museums, a country park and college, then on Sunday 28 June, Flaming Skirt Festival returns to its birthplace; Amber Valley in Derbyshire, in a village hall, community centre and a collaborative church.

We will roll along through temporary mini-events…

…performance cafe, games, Instant Theatre, constructions, creative walking, installations, interventions…

To make this happen in style, we need 12 brilliant artists, 6 unusual venues, 2 double-decker buses, lots of publicity, bags of memorabilia to take home and a limited edition book to tell the Festival story to the world about what great places these are to live, work and visit.
For more information go to http://www.flamingskirtfestival.org


Have you seen the crowdfunding campaign yet? We need your support to help get this Festival on the road again this year. New artists, new min-events, new venues in Amber Valley derbyshire and NW Leicestershire.

Great rewards available: tote bags and poems, books and postcards too. check it out at: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/flaming-skirt-festival

and the story is unfolding at: http://www.flamingskirtfestival.org

see you all there.