Collaboration piece between Matthew Cooper and myself Alexandria Clark.

An exploration of freewriting and improvisational sculpture.

Two newly graduated artists from Nottingham Trent, who usually work individually and quite intravertedly, plan to work in response to each other and create their own world behind a glass shop front.



Things have crept up on me so quickly. The showis on Monday. The space; Tether Studios…but I haven’t seen it yet. I am borrowing a projector. The letters have been written. The last letter from matt, I received yesterday, and today I make a book of our letters…of our foundations.


The space is long, with windows on one side. Will it be dark enough… I will not know until tomorrow when I get back to Nottingham.

And who is to know where we are right now. Where do we stand. I suppose its just one of those waiting games. No way of making it different let alone better, just have to wait, so I will…

If anyone is interested: TETHER, 17a Huntingdon Street, Nottingham

5th-7th November

Opening times:10-4

Performance times: 10.30-12 midday and 2-3pm



Why I wanted to do this:

Re-run of the degree show….

no camera- no worries about whether you’re in shot.

directly to the audience.

We both have connections between our practices

– processes of improvisation
– baggage
– things you bring to each performance
– bring ideas, bring obsessions.

motifs that come into it, reoccur.

always comes back to the visual side of the text.

How it is structured.

Performances interract.

Also, a curiosity for how we could perform and improvise together… it would be a challenge.

2 introverted practices talking to each other and working side-by-side.

Don’t know how it will connect, but see the performance as being an exploration of how two artists can relate to each other so directly.

Practice. Communicate with our mediums. Creating a dialogue without sound.

Like two musicians jamming… without playing in the same key, but with the intent of it making a good sound…an awesome outcome. Interest.

A new way of hearing/experiencing.

A high sense of risk that it might not work.

But we will just be playing.

Playing with how projection looks and playing with projection as a sculpture.


sculptures paced infront of the screen, infront of the projected screen


The words falling on certain parts. Certain words highlighted. sentences brought together, created.

Perhaps the title should involve time..or at least a sense of time?

We need to not think about our letters to eachother…just write when we feel like writing..not sticking to any particular structure…and the words, stories, themes and atmospheres that come across within the letters… they will become the source of the writing…the projected improvisation.


Matt Cooper:


"sculptures- focussed on the performative aspect… the fact that it is actually happening. Building while the audience is there. Gestures and actions."


Thursday 13th June

Notes on our chat…

Space possibilities:

West end arcade: good big window… idea of performance behind a shop front. Lockable door- sense of own world and locking up equipment.

Space near Squeak… Silversmiths the Jewellers.

it will need electricity but the space will be near Broadway, Victoria Court Interiors and relatively near Huntington St, (the other venues of the Tether Festival). It would be a great venue if we can change the mdf board for a sheet of perspex to create a window. Also we can re-fit the door.