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Change at Brussels… 


Another one crossed off on train bingo – ‘find yourself on the wrong platform’ – a quick run down the platform for our next stop Frankfurt


On the way to Munich…


Laura ran a session on networks which I think kick started the supportive nature of the trip. Here we shared ideas for her Crit Club back in Cumbria and how our networks supported us back home. This sharing and support happened throughout the trip and is now continuing back home with visits to exhibitions planned, and a film screening happening soon. 


Leaving Munich 


A recurring theme of the trip was thinking about how arts are funded in different contexts. Munich is a wealthy city with large-scale ambitious galleries and institutions. Even the local smaller galleries had larger grants from the city than I expected. Despite this, the curators we spoke to felt like they were working on a shoestring for their context. 


The Budapest art ecology felt very different, as many artists refused or couldn’t take money from the state due to their political beliefs or art they wanted to produce. Instead they made a living from selling their work at art fairs and internationally. It was interesting thinking about how our own context compares to the compromises and challenges artists in Budapest and Munich make to survive as an artist.