Ginny Topp is the recipient of the Art Space Portsmouth Graduate Residency Award 2013. This blog documents her 6-month residency in studio 22 at ASP.


Well-it’s been a while!!! My residency has ended but I now have a whole new load of stuff that has come from that wonderful opportunity-Just being awarded a residency does something for your confidence and your credibility-

It just so happened that as I finished my residency and exhibition at Art Space Portsmouth I had another exhibition at aspex Gunwhaf Portsmouth. This was because I had won the MA Graduate award. The work looked good and I was well looked after. The PV turn out was disappointing but I have had lots of comments since. The exhibition is there till mid June.

So… from one hectic thing to another….to another. I had immersed myself in studio 22 and painting and have had wonderful support to enable me to do this. It’s now back to CLAY STATION!!!And I return with a new refreshed enthusiasm. We have a big exhibition in mid June (yes there is an overlap-in fact I will be taking down both exhibitons on the same day…) Trying hard to build up Clay Station-maybe more of that in the next blog-it’s a happy story.

Up to Crickhowell in Wales this weekend to take part in an Art Trail. I am exhibiting ceramic work and paintings -it will give me a good idea of how successful they are???!!! I am hoping to sell a few paintings which will be my excuse to do more!!! I’m looking forward to doing my first painting in Studio 1-it will be very special to me no matter what!!!

All for now but I will be back !!!


Well-that 6 months went by so quickly-I feel I got a lot out of the residency and learnt a lot.

The exhibition was well attended with 140 visitors and lots of complimentory comments and encouragment.

Sunday I moved out of studio 22 completely and handed in my key-a sad moment but I am looking forward to working in studio 1. At the moment everything has been dumped in there from 22 so I need to do a bit of sorting.

Since moving out and taking the exhibition down I have been concerntrating on the exhibition at aspex-I didn’t really focus on this with everything else at ASP going on but I am really excited now-Spent the day setting the work up and being very well looked after. A friend came to help so a huge thank you to you Helen x It was great to get out the ceramics again and has made me realise that although I am keen to paint I also want to continue working with clay-I just have to work in the right way-not just making and glazing domestic type items-that is really not me!!!

It is the preview of the exhibition “Remaining” at aspex gunwharf portsmouth tomorrow so looking forward to that.

I will get round to putting some photos on the blog when I get organised !!!


Invigilating exhibition all week-pretty quiet during the week as always but have had a few visitors.

I am inspired again-I bought some stretchers and canvas from a couple of artists moving out of ASP and I am already planning the next few paintings-I cant wait to get started-Before that though I have to get through my Artist’s Talk on Saturday and the installation of my next exhibition at aspex next week.

Will take some photos tomorow to put on the blog.

Bye till then


I had the most amazing evening last night-The Preview was well attended with 100 people there so a huge thank you to everyone who came to support me. I had lovely comments too and there was much surprise as the work is so different from my previous work.

Thank you to the GASP committee too for helping me put up the exhibition-what a team!!!

I am so pleased to have a new studio which is permanent and I am looking forward to painting again.

Next week I have to put an artist’s talk together. I officially move out of studio 22 on May 4th and May 5th I start installing another exhibition at Aspex Gallery.