Julie Dodd, Franny Swann and Elena Thomas started a conversation online. They have never met. They only know each other through their blogs, and the occasional email. They decided they’d like to do some sort of work together, sometime, somewhere, somehow.They still haven’t made any decisions, but this blog is their continuing conversation.


I came across this artists work today when I was doing some research. Nothing to do with the research but thought I’d share. http://www.jordaneagles.com/hemoglyphs.html

His work is beautiful and yet so repulsive too. Watch his videos to see the processes of the work. Fascinating but stomach churning. http://www.jordaneagles.com/videos.html

Although very different they reminded me of something I saw at YSP a few years ago, the artist had painted with blood, made me feel so differently about the paintings when I read the statement.


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Did either of you see ‘secret universe: the hidden life of the cell’ on bbc2 last night? It was fasinating and easy enough for me to understand!! It was all about the structure of cells and how they work and fight against viruses. I’m going to watch it again on iplayer when I get the chance.

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I haven’t been on here for a while , but things are slowly happening on the PTB front, but as I don’t have anything visual to offer and as you both have posted quite a lot of sketchbook pages I feel as if I have come to the party without a present!

As I say in my artist statement ‘integral to each work is a word based research period – a filofax of facts’. Posh way of saying I work by always diving into some research first which seems to settle me and allow me to think visually over the top of it while I sort he words out…

As I order and catalogue all that in my brain the visual ideas begin to come.

So – I have been looking at Malaria; which is a plasmodium. Love that word.

I keep unearthing interesting things…there are four kinds. Falciparum [lethal], Vivax, Maleri and Ovali. More brilliant words.

Malaria hides in the liver. You can get asexual parasites in blood cells. Malaria has shaped the human genome more than any other infectious disease. Malaria has been found before the arrival of humans- wow!

Now I need to find out what its pre – human host was … riveting.

There is a complicated connection between sickle cell anemia and resistance to cerebral maleria involving a Swain Langley mutation. A fabulous word again…

Blood has a part in just everything going,. Staggering. Red blood cells are Erythrocytes – one cell bodies with no nucleus – so they can pick up O2 from tissues and take it back to the lungs.

Just think about that for a minute. ..

Still interested in my malarial blood rosettes……. the more I research the more fascinated I become………

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Current thinking then… on the blood stream front… becoming fascinated by the patterns of veining through nature, and the manmade equivalents which seem to follow similar lines and patters. I have maps of the midlands, and pictures of leaves and the stomach linings used to wrap things like faggots in my farm butcher’s display fridge. Twigs, cracks in brickwork. wherever I see it I note it and draw it, or take a photo. A collection is building slowly. I’m sure something will happen with them at some point soon.