I am a third year Art Practice student at Goldsmiths, University of London. But I am also director of Q-Art London, a forum for students and graduates from across London’s art universities.


So it’s the degree show soon, working on that now. Trying to think about the degree show/ Q-Art’s final show and graduating this June. Trying to look at MA options – have seen a couple, may do an Mres. Something to support Q-Art as research. Or maybe i should run in the real world for a bit…


Q-Art uses the crit, or the convenor, the common form of art ‘teaching’ or ‘pedagogy’ in art schools. I am thinking of researching different pedagogical models now…

I also graduate soon and will be needing to find money to keep up the running of Q-Art!

Anyone have any ideas? help greatly appreciated

I’m not sure I want to make Q-Art a charity just to get some funding…..


Q-Art was set up to:

-provide a place for graduates to discuss work post- art school

-break down boundaries between courses/ colleges/ and levels of study

-allow those who have not studied for a degree in art to join in on a similar discussion to that in art schools

– to allow networking

-a democratic space where those who present get a show – away from ‘who you know’ politics


So what is Q-Art?

Q-Art currently borrows from main format of teaching used in most art schools, the ‘crit’. It invites students, graduates of all levels/ courses and anyone at all with an interest in art to take part. We hold crits, known as ‘convenors’, once a month and they take place in a different London university every time. So far for example they have been held in Goldsmiths, Slade, Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art, Wimbledon College of Art and soon Camberwell and London Met.

Convenors are 3 hours long and 6 people present work for discussion at each; each person having about 20 mins to do so. Application to present is totally all inclusive and made on a first-come first-served basis. And the end of the academic year we have a show for all those who presented throughout the year. Last year this was called ‘Q-Art Presents..’ and was held at the APT Gallery. a-n featured this:

We also hold panel discussions and go on monthly gallery visits. Our last panel was chaired by Julian Stallabras.

You can see more at

In 1 year we got over 1500 members from word of mouth alone.

Why was Q-Art set up?

What’s next?

I’ll write this tomorrow.