I am an East Coast Canadian currently on sabbatical in Wales completing my MFA at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

‘Gone Postal’ documents my exploration of on-line and material archives and the interplay between virtual and material worlds.

A portfolio of on-line image dialogues created collaboratively with artists active on social networking sites informs my practice-led research and can be accessed at



D A I L Y S T U D I O S H O T S 03/09/12

‘Gone Postal’, is almost a year old!

Post 100 feels like a good place to stop.

My degree show is mounted and I will return to Canada shortly after exploring Wales beyond Cardiff.

I sense I will miss my an blog, but the end may well be the beginning as it is with most good things.


D A I L Y S T U D I O S H O T S 02/09/12

Interesting juxtapositions are always on offer in group shows and sometimes the results are stellar.

Like two photographers side by side: one archive in the light and one in the dark.

Best experienced in person, so don’t forget the opening this Friday, September 7, 6-9pm at Howard Garden’s Gallery.


D A I L Y S T U D I O S H O T S 31/09/12

When you are ready for your degree show, it is very good karma to lend others a hand. Here, Conor Maguire wants to paint it black.


D A I L Y S T U D I O S H O T S 30/08/12