BA (Hons) Photography.


As I have now graduated, I have started a new blog in Artists Talking , please pop in from time to time!


so now it is all over and the results, happily, better than I ever expected, it was quite emotional but I now feel a bit lost.

As a mature student I am not looking for a career in photography although I do intend to work on my own photographic projects. I am now missing the student/tutor interaction and deadlines, and indeed the impetus to get on with, well, something, although I am lucky enough to have an exhibition on at the moment until 28th august at departure where I am showing all of my final project for the first time.

I have been looking for other courses, having deferred the idea of an MA for the time being, but found nothing that grabbed me. What can you do between a BA and an MA that will stretch and challenge you? if anyone has an ideas I would love to hear them.

I am missing talking to creative, interested people, having someone to bounce ideas with………


I have just given in my final work for my Photography BA.

I can do nothing now but wait, and of course put up the three shows yet to run, but nothing I can do will affect my results.

I feel like I haven't done enough to get the result I would like, but I will just have to wait until 11.20 on 23rd June to find out. In the meantime, will just have to manage my expectations!

good luck to everyone else coming to the end of theor degrees!


Just got home fro the Private View, it went really well, thanks in part to it being on a First Thursday, and there being other shows on in the vicinity

lots of people dropping in, lots of interest, enough drinks, and approval from the tutors .. what more could we ask for……!

if anyone is in the London area, please drop by and review One more than Ten at Studio 1.1 in Redchurch street, full details in Degree show section. thanks.


Well, another milestone reached, our graduate show went up today. once we got into a bit of a system, it all went up smoothly.

Although we had planned who would go where in the gallery some of the places changed, but I think everyone was happy with their positions in the end. our concerns about the space were pretty much unfounded, and no ones work looks constricted or squashed.

Now we can look forward to the Private View on Thursday.

Enjoyed walking back through the city suits with my big spirit level and electric screwdriver, just glad I am no longer one of them.