So this is my first blog here n Artists Newtwork, so please be paitent with me as I am not the best talker in the world.


Today I am trying to update my website as to be honest I am not too happy with the overall design as it was originally put together by myself very very quickly. I want it to look more professional but this is prooving trickier than I expected.

As I am an abstract artists I want the theme to incorporate geometric styles which is what I tend to paint but can I find a decent layout that I like????? NO. So this has put a little downer on my day.

Also I thought that I would continue with some painting today in the studio and even this is prooving difficult ( i’m not having a good day really). The way in which I obtain perfect hard edge lines in my work is a simple techinque of using masking tape and PVA glue, once this dries I then layer my paint over this. This usually works and has done over the past few days but today this isnt so. The masking tape seems to be peeling the paint along with it!!!!!!!!!!!! So I thought that I would talk about what has happended to me and my work today by putting it all up in a blog.

Hopefully (if my commitments at home let me, ie…..the kids) I will try to blog quite often, inclding details about my day and how my core work is coming along in preperation for our degree show in June.