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Seven. Lucky seven. Seven sisters. Seven wonders of the world.


Like the young ballerinas competing for their place, here are images of four of the seven music boxes that made the grade and have been selected for the ‘I Always Wanted To Be…’ short film.

I took these photos in the studio when first sorting through my collection of music boxes just over a week ago, relying on natural day light. In just a short time, I’ve learned how much room there is for improvement in the photos I take – better lighting is a definite starting point, and that reflection in the fourth box down would I know, be a complete no-no to John (McCormick)’s professional photographer eye. It goes without saying, that there is no comparison with the shots photographer John took a few days ago, some of which I’ve posted on this blog. I’m so grateful to John for sharing his expertise with me.

Photo: John McCormick


Thanks are also due to the a-n Artist Information Company for financially supporting this project and for making this ongoing collaborative body of work with film maker, Henrietta Thomas possible. Putting aside my anxieties about how it will all turn out – 45 minutes of film footage condensed to 5-7 minutes – really?! – the two days of filming have so far proved to be a really positive, enriching experience. I’ve invested my faith in Henrietta who assures me that we have some very sound film footage in the bag. I can’t wait t see it, even in its most raw state …