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Drove to my home town Grimsby to meet with ‘Our Big Picture’ about exhibiting Koffins in the Minster later this year. I haven’t been back to Grimsby since my mums funeral. Found out they have an Old artwork of mine in their collection and it just reminded me of how i loved painting and ..why don’t I still do this?
I have solved the design for 25 stone+ requirements. The Coffin testing world (theres now two of them) changing their rules as its tested – trying to fail it but I’ve had it tested independently and it works….it works fine…fit for purpose, designed for function….
solution after making a small central internal base board for Sandra B (16.5stone) testing it in the studio the other day.

The funeral/cremation of the LFC Koffin was supposed to be today but a call on Tuesday told me that Shrewsbury Crematorium  refused it – I knew we would face this – despite it being tested by West Lancashire Crematorium and them getting all proof images –

Koffin “doesn’t come with a barcode” as John O Shea said about tricky ethics and institutions. The industry is so tied up to two companies. It’s traditional, resistant and protective of its 80% price increase in 10 year margins. Hell I was driven by the corruption in the first place just cause it hits you in the face on your journey should inspire you even more eh? but yes at times its exhausting,

More alarming was they had another traditional pine coffin on standby they had copied my design onto already. ….WHAT?
Anyhow i couldn’t say much – its her brothers funeral – just wished her well and glad she got sorted. (At least I learnt how to airbrush!- the LFC Koffin took a tumble in DaDaFest exhibition.  (Everton fan?)

Im doing a Boost talk – next week 4th April about how to put creativity into your business – I’m still trying to get business out of my creativity….but using this as an opportunity to pitch practice with a business audience for future investment pitches I will need to do soon – like very soon. Anyhow – thanks to AN for bursary and will try to do DAILY updates to share the journey.
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