A journey through the making of Lace in Place, a project commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts. Happy moment versus worrying moments.


We are speeding up… 4 to complete and we will have 14!


Tracey and Robert.

Retired scientist are really good a lacemaking!


Have anyone experience already the frustation of a staple gun???

Well they all brake, at least the small ones. In the last 3 weeks I have tried 3 of them and they are all rubbish!

Don’t even try Homebase/ heavy duty… is gets stuck all the time, and becareful with the new Stanley as they use their own size staples…

So far, I have a little Petrus which does an excellent job.

Also my new discovery is the Stanley “sharpshooter”, a little bit sleepery for small hands though, but sweet. It still uses normal size staples which is great.

Again becarefull with staples sizes, the normal homebase ones get stuck in the standley.


Finally cord is here and it is the right size!!! wohoooooo!!! 2 km of cord in rolls doesnt look like much!

So, all day sorting out lengths of cord for the frames and lacing away.

Although someone, and I don’t want to mention her name…. has messed up my 1000 roll and now is all tangled up. Frustrations, frustations, frustations…. I told her I was going to kill her in the middle of the nigh…