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Feeling pretty exhausted after this first stage. I arrived at Cheshunt youth hostel just before 3pm, later than I expected. A late night last night with only a few hours sleep took its toll, and a heavier than expected backpack, meant slow sluggish running; after 10miles or so I was really struggling. The last 7 miles were intermittently running and walking  (with more walking than running) and my energy levels were really low, despite being well-prepared and topping up with fluid and various protein-based nourishment. It might also have been something to do with the getting out of London and the relentless urban concrete and induxtrial estates I had to go through that never seemed to end. The section after Tottenham Hale until beyond Waltham Cross, was a particularly relentless greyness that went on for ever (well for more than half the route). As if to mark this there was a spectacular downpour just outside Waltham Cross station as I arrived. So pleased to have invested in proper trail-running clothing that keeps me super dry. I couldn’t have done without it.

Nothing spectacular happened en route, apart from needing a pee and having to wait far too long before finding anywhere until I passed ‘The Range’ in Enfield.

The end was in sight when I entered the Lee Valley Park after Watham Cross for the last mile and a half of the journey. Apart from being a very pretty and welcome respite to the concrete, it runs right next to the railway. It’s nice to know that tomorrow this will be where I continue for Stage 2. In fact, tomorrow’s run will be a far cry from today’s: much of the route follows the railway along the river, towpaths, and beside nature reserves. Really looking forward to it and to a good night’s sleep.

A note on the live tracking: this seems to be working well from what I’ve heard. Do check it out via locatoweb.com (go to Tracks an key in Vero_350 in the search and click on the track). I’ve been able to post a few photos along the way that appear in the location they’re taken in, though it does slow me down a little.