Continuing on my slow-sketching charcoal journey from the sketchbook completed earlier in the year (read the blog post here), I commenced this one from where I left off in Lochbay on the B886 here on the Isle of Skye. The air was a little cooler as autumn was just announcing itself to the island, and was lovely to feel as I paused in each passing space along Lochbay, down into Stein and then up out of Lochbay towards the war memorial.

Like last time, I kept track of each location with the what3words app – and most of this series was again carried out on another pair of crutches as my accident-prone-ness resurfaced and I injured the other leg. However, I completed this sketchbook during my September 30 Day Creative Gathering, so there are brief blog posts for each sketch. You’ll find them if you click on each location reference below, or you can select Sketchbook Project from the topics menu at the top of my blog and all the posts will be available there for you:

1. intent.unloads.bolts

2. ovid.printer.tightest

3. chew.this.pats

4. headline.tearfully.noisy

5. responds.back.crumb

6. superbly.spinning.sleep

7. plugged.clinking.cove

8. fulfilled.household.piper

9. hits.necklaces.such

10. unwound.organist.debut

11. define.applauded.disco

12. amplifier.haystack.giggles

13. chainsaw.magnitude.distilled

14. movie.inflation.pegs

15. distanced.sculptor.locator

16. luggage.serenade.ranking

I’ve sent the sketchbook off to The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be catalogued and digitised in due course.

It’s lovely to be sketching in this island nook and contributing towards a sketchbook collection with other artists all at the same time!