18th May 5am – 8am

Just finalising the score for a new piece, ‘Barefoot Blindfold’, with Anne-Marie Culhane.


I see this as another strand of my ongoing Memory Foam series in that within the immersive experience we hope to create, emotions, memories and stories will arise from the sounds and silences weaved through the piece.

‘Barefoof Blindfold’ is part of Anne-Marie’s ongoing work FRUIT ROUTES for at Loughborough University a work that I’ve been happy to be a part of over the last six months or so.

Barefoot Blindfold will take place on Friday the 18th of May in and amongst the fruit trees planted in and across the Loughborough University campus during Fruit Routes. It’s a daybreak exxperience starting at 5am in the morning – dawn.

Exact happenings are not yet finalised but meeting at the Pilkington Library participants (it could be you!) are ‘slow walked’ to a Fruit Route orchard area where the event will unfold.

After we have breakfast and share our stories, emotions, evoked memories.

Any and all of the above is subject to change.

Why not join us? It’s free. Places limited so call 07849073394 or email [email protected]

Free eticket at:


Train 595
Paul Conneally 2012
Apprpriated Oasis Wet Foam and Pearl Headed Pins


Train 595 was recovered by myself and Maurice Maguire from a rubbish skip in a church graveyard.

Train 595some have already railed against my use of this train in representing it now as a new work or in fact representing it at all. I was called “ghoulish” and others have opined that it’s disrespectful. Its neither – it’s memory foam and pearl headed pins from a rubbish skip but much more too.

A friend worries: “What if the family of the dead person it was originally made for see it? Won’t they be upset?”

The truth is these trains are, according to florists, a standard pattern, a popular shape to temporarily memorialise children and men that love trains.

It’s not important which church yard it came from – it’s the one in your head right now.


As Memory Foam moves forward and I form ideas for Oasis including words and phrases that I could build on Oasis frames (see previous post DAD) I’ve been researching the types of messages most commonly written, often by the flower arranger on behalf of a relative / friend, on the sympathy cards attached to the flower arrangements:


I am sorry for your loss.

Fond memories, from your friend

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We are thinking of you.

We are thinking of you during this difficult time.

With deepest sympathy,

My sincere sympathy,

Our warmest condolences,

Dearest (name of deceased) may you rest in peace,

Our hearts are filled with sorrow,

With heartfelt condolences,

Please accept my condolences,

You are in my thoughts.

We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of “name of deceased”.

Remember that we love and care about you.

With loving memories of “name of deceased”,

Sent with love and remembrance,

Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow.

“Name of Deceased” will remain in our hearts forever.

We pray the love of God enfolds you during your journey through grief.

Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss.

Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

With love and hugs,

We will miss “name of deceased”.

Remembering you and “name of deceased” in our minds and in our hearts.

With thoughts of peace and courage for you,

We send you thoughts of peace and courage.

May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.

Missed more than words can say, but in our hearts for ever.

No more tomorrows to share, but memories will always be there.

Peace, Prayers and Blessings,

I’m now considering wether the OASIS word frames alone are enough or if I might add a message card too.



Oasis is the foam made specifically for flower arranging. It’s used extensively in the making of funeral flower arrangements.

Florists construct frames of Oasis to spell out the name of a dead relative or friend from simple names to golf clubs, cars, fish – anything that the family feels represents the memory of their loved one maybe through a representation of their favourite hobby or pastime.

Oasis when used this way is literally a memory foam.

Here is DAD. An OASIS frame without the flowers.