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Within this blog I aim to break down and better understand the themes which run through my work.

As a starting point I have created a couple of mind maps which consist of the two main themes which run through my work.

Hiding the Truth and Alchemy.

Firstly let me describe what is meant by these titles as they are broad and can easily be mis represented.

Hiding the Truth.

With this title I am wanting to explore the idea behind what it is that makes us who we are, the hidden pain we keep buried deep inside and the reasons behind this. As human beings we are all a culmination of our experiences both good and bad. Some we choose to share with the world and some we do not. This being said though all of these experiences have influenced our lives, our decisions and our personal being.

I am interested in the earth shattering events which many of us keep buried within. The experiences which affect us every day but which nobody but the closest of companions through life would know about.

I am interested in how and why we see such events as so deeply personal, that to share them instills feeling of fear, remorse or sorrow.

Then I am interested in how can i represent that deep inner need to keep this pain or experience personal within my art.


Within my work I have always leant towards creating the more hazardous works of art, wether its using nails in images or using chemicals to drag images out of compounds such as metals it is the alchemistic nature of materials that interests me.

The ability to make something change beyond recognition through the use of time and reaction, it could be a chemical reaction or the reaction of heat on a pot in the kiln.

Our ability to manipulate and alter materials to fit our human needs.

as such we have a better understanding of our planet e.g. periodic table, industrial revolution driven by steam power and even  leading up to creating the atom bomb in the 20th century.

As part of my process alchemy is something I enjoy experimenting with, following artists like Anslem Kiefer who uses electrolysis in his paintings or uses elements to represent human concepts. e.g his lead books representing the weight of history.

I am interested in representation through change.


My aim with this blog is to gain a better understanding of my themes and my practice through breaking down my mind map and exploring each idea individually.

I will look at how each idea relates to my work and will also look at what artists have inspired me in that direction and why.