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Using change as representation is not as simple as it might seem, many people use objects or materials to represent meanings within their work e.g using news paper print within a work might represent the politics within piece. or using something literally heavy such as lead to represent a weight of responsibility or knowledge, as Anslem Kiefer does in his work “High priestess”.

(High Priestess, Kiefer. A, 1986. image from http://untitledstore.blogspot.co.uk)

By using base compounds such as metals within my work i am able to use corrosive acids or lacquers  to achieve different finishes within the metal. Copper and Zinc are most commonly used so firstly I decided to experiment and see what is possible. Copper seems to have more vivid reactions with its ability to verdegre (Turn a mixture of greens)

So i wanted to see if i could get the metal to paint the image itself through oxidisation.

Firstly i took an image i was happy with, then digitally turned the image in to dots, kind of like the old images from newspapers. The next process was to take the image and use light sensitive silk screen and expose the image on so that it could then be screen printed on to the copper. Instead of using inks to print though I used a combination of Salt, Ammonia & lemon juice which permeates the screen and leaves the residue in the shape of the image. after 2 weeks exposed to the air these were the results.

(Johnston, R. 2016)

Now i am looking into using this type of effect to represent feeling tarnished or not how you’d like to be on a personal level.

this also ties in very closely with many of the other topics which i am aiming to try and explore within this blog.

On the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca web site there is a blog about Kiefer’s work “Salt of the Earth” it describes some of the reasoning behind some of kiefer’s processes.

” in his paintings and sculptures, Kiefer makes use of symbolic materials and processes like lead and electrolysis, gold and salt, which in ancient tradition were used for a metaphorical transformation of self.”

(Published on the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca website, http://www.fondazionevedova.org/en/mostra/anselm-kiefer-salt-earth)