Cherry valley, oil on canvas, 60x40inches

My paintings can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology.


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After a long period of time, feeling lost, and without my comfort blanket of art school i plucked up the courage to enter the @twitrartexhibit for Foster pride charity in New York city.

What an amazing experience it gave me, i was able to connect with many of the artists who had entered. To feel connected to a group of like minded people who are passionate about their art was just what i needed. The experience gave me my first insight to working (if i dare say it)  as a professional artist.

The Exhibition is being held at Trygve Lie Gallery 317 E 52nd St, NYC, until the 21st April.


As the technologies grow within our culture the more they appear within our social participations. The use of lighting effects in entertainment arenas is commonplace and goes perhaps unnoticed as to the amount used to heighten the effects of the simulations that they create. Social participation is frequently involved with artificial lighting to enhance the experience rather than natural lighting.


forgot to add another little gem from yesterday’s reading, I find Hofmann very inspiring for my practice and for my dissertation.

“Colour has in itself a sovereign function on the basis of its light no sub-intrinsic qualities. Colour itself is light. In nature, light creates the colour, in the picture, colour creates light. Every colour shade emanates a very characteristic light.
The luminous quality of a work depends not only upon the light-emanating quality of every colour but upon the relation of these qualities. Relation is the product of a hypersensitive creative mind.”