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Reflection 30/04/21: This 1-1 has been a turning point for my projection in response to the space/installation. The double projections have been received well by my peers, 1-1’s with Matt and Gary. Especially 29/04/21 1-1 with matt we discussed the use of reception and mirrored reflection with these projections. I am exercising all aspects of projection within the studios and soon the installation room.

I had a 1-1 with Jane 05/03/21 and discussed where to go next for my end of year project as I felt slightly stuck after Congruous. See notes below – discussing ideas and how to achieve them with COVID. We have also all been given a studio space at uni to work in to create our installations.

Reflection 18/04/21: Daisy chaining the projection has transformed Sweet Tooth B&W to involve the space and the corners of the room/walls, more than the projection just being there. – Appears even more aggressive.

Upon reflection of my L6 work, I have reflected on this in my previous blogs but, the pieces that weren’t so successful this year were, The Haze of Social Media – even though I really enjoyed this work, what I was trying to get across wasn’t working. Baking – I am torn with this piece, it was fun to do but visually doesn’t appear how I wanted it too. There are strong references to Rosler as well as the documentation of the process but I felt something wasn’t right. Cookin’ Up Beauty – this piece and the piece above were moments where I wasn’t sure what I was doing/wanting to do and it shows within these works. Up Close – I felt the message was lacking. This was the experimentation with projection prior to Congruous which in respects helped me explore projection in a confined space.

But the main pieces that have been successful this year are Are You Watching? the installation for the Congruous exhibition. My performative film Only Touch With CLEAN Hands – the need to be clean e.g. current times with COVID and this idea that women are delicate objects that cannot be dirtied. To Squeeze – more performance. CUBED exhibition. Bath projections. From this I have realised projection has been very successful for me and installation spaces. For the rest of my L6 I want to focus in on projection and work with how far I change adapt the environment and create a strange immersive installation in preparation for the end of year show. E.g. Yayoi Kasuma, Pipilotti Risk.

  • Consuming – this piece was created in L5 and has always seemed to pop up in my reflection. It seems to share a relation to whatever I am doing within my practice. I don’t want to ignore this as I created this film towards the end of L5 and I didn’t get a chance to work further with it – project/adapt it for L6.

Reflection 21/04/21: I am so glad I had this 1-1 with Jane, it’s transformed my practice and I feel the exploration is endless. I have surprised myself and turned to a monochrome pallette for Sweet Tooth B&W (a spin off of Consuming) which has been just as successful – I have learnt colour can intensify or glorify the visual message too as well as the feel for the space/work.


With my 1-1 Jane it also helped me visualise different ways to adapt old works like Consuming – retake it. Create relatable edible icing breasts, change the way they’re eaten quickly/slowly/aggressively/seductive. The male image works well with the relation to the female representation of the breast and adds this level of discomfort. Once the films are taken, think more about the way I edit it in Premier Pro e.g. snappy/slowed down/speeded up/looped. These will all work well in relation to projection and adapting that space.

Artists that will help with this work/research are:

  • Susan Hiller
  • Jane and Louise Wilson
  • Bruce Nauman
  • Revisit – Pipilotti Risk and Yayoi Kasuma

Reflection 29/03/21: Bruce Nauman was a very useful focus point, he works with disturbance. From this research, I used the approach – as a child you’re told to close your mouth when you eat yet, in Sweet Tooth B&W, the male munches aggressively with the mouth open wide. It is actions like this we’re not used to seeing and suggests disgust and un comfort. Nauman’s research really helped me work with more of a direct focus on the mouth and this uncomfortable element.